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One of the greatest difficulties in grappling with a life-changing negligence legal case can be deciding on a proper attorney. Here at Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator, we know that grappling with negligence issues should not be handled alone, and you need the expertise of a company with many years of experience. If you are from the St Johns County area and need help in your case, do not hesitate to contact Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator today.

At Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator, we are here to assist you with your negligence matters. When dealing with a lengthy negligence situation, you will likely run into more than just physical pain. In most negligence cases, there are out-of-pocket medical expenses which your health insurance does not cover. At the same time, your negligence may keep you from earning a steady income to support yourself and your family. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident and you are from or near the St Johns County area, it is important that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer such as Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator on your side. 

After many years of practice, Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator proudly holds many successful cases and clients. In fact, most of our negligence clients come from referrals former clients have made to their friends and family members living in St Johns County and the surrounding area. At Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator, we care about our client’s cases and want to help you now. 

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