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If you have recently suffered a car, or other major accident in the Jacksonville area, the legal professionals of Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator know you may be feeling helpless. These negligence matters require both professionalism and personal care. With many years of experience under our belt, Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator’s lawyers can provide just that to those of the Jacksonville area.

At Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator, we take pride in our ability to maintain close relationships with our clients throughout the Jacksonville area. We know that in order to be successful in each negligence case, we have to get to know each victim’s story so as to understand exactly what we must present to the Jacksonville area courts.

Insurance companies will do all in their power to provide you the lowest possible payout in your negligence claim. With many years of experience, the legal professionals of Blane McCarthy-Injury Lawyer & Mediator know how to efficiently deal with these companies and provide our Jacksonville area clients with proper representation. Medical bills are high everywhere, especially in Jacksonville. Let us put our experience towards your negligence case so you can avoid paying these on your own.

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